We design and deve­lop for com­pa­nies in the capi­tal and con­su­mer goods sec­tor.
We under­stand design as a holistic pro­cess in which con­tent, expe­ri­ence and form go hand in hand.

Give your brand an iden­ti­ty and set yourself apart from the com­pe­ti­ti­on.
Good design gives an image that signals emo­ti­on and inno­va­ti­on in equal mea­su­re.
When loo­king at and using it, the user should have a good fee­ling that will be remembered.

Design makes the qua­li­ty of a pro­duct visi­ble and tan­gi­ble for the user.
As a stra­te­gic eco­no­mic fac­tor, it under­li­nes the care that a com­pa­ny invests in the deve­lo­p­ment of its own products.

All well and good, but what is pro­duct design actual­ly for?
You can find an ans­wer in our arti­cle »Design as an Eco­no­mic Factor«. →

Our design and development services:



The aes­the­tic and user-oriented design of pro­ducts is one of our focal points.
With our team of pro­fes­sio­nal pro­duct and indus­tri­al desi­gners, we are opti­mal­ly posi­tio­ned to sup­port you in the design and imple­men­ta­ti­on of your projects.

Our exper­ti­se in the field of pro­duct design is based on many years of pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence. In more than fif­teen years, more than 700 pro­jects in the are­as of power tools, sport, house­hold, pack­a­ging, inte­rior, medi­cal tech­no­lo­gy and indus­try have been crea­ted. Tog­e­ther with Ger­man, Euro­pean and Asi­an part­ners, we were respon­si­ble for its design, deve­lo­p­ment and pro­ject management.

Our approach inclu­des the ent­i­re deve­lo­p­ment pro­cess from the initi­al idea to seri­es pro­duc­tion:
holistic, sus­tainab­le, cross-industry.
For us, ergo­no­mics and user-friendly design are an indis­pensable part of every pro­duct deve­lo­p­ment. We offer you the ent­i­re ran­ge of ergo­no­mic ana­ly­zes in the form of user obser­va­tions, sur­veys or test set­ups that are part of con­tem­pora­ry pro­duct development.



In addi­ti­on to pure aes­the­tics, the ergo­no­mic qua­li­ty and the expe­ri­ence during inter­ac­tion also have a major impact on the well-being of users.
User-centric design makes a pro­duct under­stand­a­ble, impro­ves work­flow and incre­a­ses effi­ci­en­cy. During inter­ac­tion, intui­ti­ve use brings joy ins­tead of frus­tra­ti­on. A good pro­duct design is image-promoting on various levels and hel­ps to shape a posi­ti­ve brand image.

Whe­ther pro­duct, ser­vice or digi­tal inter­ac­tion:
We love good pro­duct expe­ri­en­ces and know how to design them.



We work with you to deve­lop your brand essence, your tar­get group and the mar­ket requi­re­ments and deve­lop a dis­tinc­ti­ve design for your products.

touch screen


The linch­pin of every design is the user inter­face bet­ween man and machi­ne.
We explo­re all the con­di­ti­ons, chal­len­ges and goals of the inter­ac­tion in order to design the most opti­mi­zed app­li­ca­ti­on inter­face pos­si­ble.
The inter­faces can rela­te to the ent­i­re inter­ac­tion or be very spe­ci­fic to one area (e.g. a digi­tal, gra­phic inter­face).
User sce­n­a­ri­os and action ana­ly­zes help us with the con­cep­ti­on. By slip­ping into the role of the users our­sel­ves or by obser­ving them very clo­se­ly, we are able to crea­te excel­lent user experiences.



The opti­miz­a­ti­on of con­struc­tion, ergo­no­mics, pro­duc­tion and mate­ri­al jus­ti­ce are the main focus of our work.
Over time, many pro­ducts show user and production-related weak­nes­ses that need to be unco­ve­r­ed and optimized.

We would be hap­py to sup­port you in the deve­lo­p­ment of new, inno­va­ti­ve solutions.

Not qui­te sure what we mean?
You can find an examp­le pro­ject here 

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