In addi­ti­on to aes­the­tics and the best pos­si­ble usa­bi­li­ty, design drafts must abo­ve all be production-ready. Design deve­lo­p­ments the­r­e­fo­re only go hand in hand with engi­nee­ring.
Our infra­struc­tu­re offers us various opti­ons for support.

When it comes to tech­no­lo­gy, we like to keep our fin­ger on the pul­se and are con­stant­ly expan­ding our know­ledge in the field of con­s­truc­tion and 3D services.

Our services:

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3D data from the exis­ting object:
We use your exis­ting data for optimization.

Depen­ding on the com­po­nent size and the requi­re­ments for the scan result, we use dif­fe­rent scan­ning methods:

For small com­pon­ents with very high demands on the level of detail, we use a struc­tu­red light scanner.

Depen­ding on the sur­face con­di­ti­on, eit­her a laser scan or a struc­tu­red light scan is used for medi­um to lar­ge objects. The advan­ta­ge of the struc­tu­red light scan method is that the color and tex­tu­re of the object can also be recor­ded here. 

Laser scans also allow very dark or high­ly reflec­ti­ve mate­ri­als to be imaged with high precision.

Our com­ple­te 3D scan­ning ser­vices can be found here:

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On our in-house 3D prin­ters, we quick­ly and easi­ly crea­te com­pon­ents that can be used for test or model buil­ding purposes.

Infor­ma­ti­on on the mate­ri­als and size of the instal­la­ti­on spaces can be found here →

Modern RP pro­ces­ses are indis­pensable for tech­ni­cal com­pon­ents, func­tion­al ele­ments or pre­cise and filigree design ele­ments. We have an SLA sys­tem and an FDM sys­tem for the dif­fe­rent requi­re­ments in terms of strength and precision.

The ste­reo­li­tho­gra­phy pro­cess is par­ti­cu­lar­ly sui­ta­ble for pro­du­cing very pre­cise and fine components.

The fuse depo­si­ti­on mode­ling method is usual­ly used to manu­fac­tu­re mecha­ni­cal­ly stressa­ble tech­ni­cal components.

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We crea­te 2- or 3-dimensional mil­led parts in various mate­ri­als on our high-performance por­tal mil­ling machi­ne.
The CNC sys­tem is the heart of our model and pro­to­ty­pe con­s­truc­tion in the pro­duc­tion of volu­me, ergo­no­mic and dis­play models. Dif­fe­rent varia­ti­ons of indi­vi­du­al designs can be imple­men­ted here in a short time. 

Infor­ma­ti­on on mate­ri­als and size of the instal­la­ti­on space can be found here →

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We imple­ment your ide­as pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and rea­dy for pro­duc­tion so that they can be pas­sed on to manu­fac­tu­r­ers or pro­ject part­ners. In addi­ti­on to good form, the focus is on fea­si­bi­li­ty and implementation.

We use various CAD pro­grams (Solid­Works, Rhi­no 3D) and sup­p­ly all com­mon 3D exch­an­ge for­mats (STEP, IGES, STL, XT, PARASOLID, etc.).


Fas­ter results through tri­al and error:
Save deve­lo­p­ment time with ear­ly prototyping!

To check func­tion, hand­ling and inter­ac­tion, we crea­te appro­pria­te pro­to­ty­pes in our own model work­shop.
With the help of our in-house infra­struc­tu­re, we crea­te high-precision models for you.

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