Design highlights

Let there be light!

Equip­ped with 10 LEDs, the new 12V work light from PARKSIDE is gua­ran­teed not to lea­ve you in the dark. 
  • Pro­jekt: 12V Arbeitslicht
  • Kun­de: Kom­per­naß HgmbH
  • Leis­tun­gen: Pro­dukt­de­sign, Ergo­no­mie, CAD-Konstruktion, Visualisierung
  • Web­sei­te:
  • Jahr: 2020

In order to coun­ter­act the heat deve­lo­p­ment of the 10 LEDs, a strikin­gly desi­gned alu­mi­num frame was instal­led as a heat conductor.

Thanks to the foldable light panel, visi­bi­li­ty is impro­ved in every work situa­ti­on. Built-in magnets on the back and the abili­ty to mount the work light on a tri­pod with a stan­dard screw thread make it the most fle­xi­ble tool.

Fold­ed up, it finds its place in every dra­wer. The work light can be atta­ched to work trou­sers with a belt clip; so the device is always rea­dy to hand.

Addi­tio­nal design ele­ments and the clas­sic Parks­ide color sche­me ensu­re that the design lan­guage of our pro­ba­b­ly smal­lest 12V power tool is cle­ar­ly assi­gned. 
With the light panel open or clo­sed, the pro­duct fits per­fect­ly into our exis­ting PARKSIDE design range.

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