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Florabest petrol chainsaw FBKS 52 A1

With a sword length of 52 cm, almost 3 hp engi­ne power and 12000 rpm, it is curr­ent­ly the flag­ship of the Flo­rabest chainsaws.

So much per­for­mance doesn't just want to appear in a chic gui­se, but safe­ty, ergo­no­mics and under­stan­da­ble usa­bi­li­ty were also on the design agenda.

  • Pro­jekt: Benzinkettensäge
  • Kun­de: Kom­per­naß GmbH
  • Leis­tun­gen: Pro­dukt­de­sign, Ergo­no­mie, CAD-Konstruktion, Visualisierung
  • Web­sei­te:
  • Jahr: 2019

Good industrial design is based on ergonomic and technical requirements.

As a member of the Florabest family, the FBKS 52 A1 has all the design features just like its siblings:

  • flowing lines
  • dyna­mic, powerful main gesture
  • uni­que color coding
    (red con­trols, black handles)
  • honey­comb sur­face structure

Safe function:

Safe­ty fea­tures such as front and rear hand pro­tec­tion, claw stop and saw bla­de cover mean that the FBKS 52 A1 is sta­te of the art when it comes to ope­ra­tio­nal safe­ty. Exten­si­ve safe­ty access­ories round off this coher­ent over­all package.

All in all, the Flo­rabest chain­saw is well equip­ped for tough out­door use.

Intuitive operation and ergonomics

When deve­lo­ping the chain­saw, the focus was on usa­bi­li­ty. The com­plex pro­cess of start­ing a petrol engi­ne can­not be com­pared to start­ing a cord­less device. Ever­y­thing is dif­fe­rent here – just put the bat­tery in and go.
Cold start, warm start, cho­ke, pri­mer and mix­tu­re can some­ti­mes over­whelm the hob­by lum­ber­jack. The­r­e­fo­re, clear labe­l­ing of the con­trols is a must in such a rede­sign. In this case, only the con­trols are coded in red and the start­ing pro­cess is detail­ed and cle­ar­ly legi­ble for the user. It goes wit­hout say­ing that a balan­ced load dis­tri­bu­ti­on, easy-to-clean sur­faces and ergo­no­mic grip opti­ons should not be neglected.

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