Compact and precise

Bei die­sem Kraft­pa­ket wur­de auf eine kom­pak­te Archi­tek­tur geach­tet. Trotz der platz­spa­ren­den Anord­nung der Bau­grup­pen muss­te eine ein­fa­che und siche­re Maschi­nen­füh­rung gewähr­leis­tet werden. 
  • Pro­jekt: Parks­ide metal cut­ter PMTS 180 A1
  • Kun­de: Kom­pa­naß GmbH
  • Leis­tun­gen: Pro­dukt­de­sign, Ergo­no­mie, CAD-Konstruktion, Visualisierung
  • Web­sei­te:
  • Jahr: 2018

Ergonomics as the highest good.

Good ergo­no­mics mean that the machi­ne is easy to under­stand and allows the user to work safe­ly.
Adjus­ting screws, levers and hand­les must be easi­ly acces­si­ble, rub­be­ri­zed feet ensu­re a reduc­tion in vibra­ti­on, which reli­e­ves man and machi­ne.
The mova­ble cut­ting disc cover pro­tects the user from fly­ing sparks and cut injuries.

If the device is nee­ded at ano­ther loca­ti­on, it can be easi­ly trans­por­ted using a car­ry­ing hand­le. The hand­le was inte­gra­ted into the exis­ting device topology.

As is usu­al with the Parks­ide pro­duct fami­ly, addi­ti­ve ele­ments are also used in the design. Bridges, rib­bing, beads and cham­fers gene­ra­te shape tran­si­ti­ons that make the pro­duct appear angu­lar, robust and powerful.


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