ratiotec soldismart pro


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Ratio­tec Sol­di Smart / Pro

Counterfeit money detection in retail requires precise detection electronics and the most error-free operability of the testing machines.

The design of the two bank­no­te vali­da­tors Sol­di Smart and Sol­di Smart Pro was car­ri­ed out for our long-standing part­ner and one of the lar­gest and most inno­va­ti­ve spe­cia­list com­pa­nies for cash pro­ces­sing in Euro­pe: die ratio­tec GmbH & Co. KG.

In addi­ti­on to other aspects, the­se two pro­ducts also focu­sed on deve­lo­ping a clear­ly under­stand­a­ble interface.

Ope­ra­ting errors when detec­ting coun­ter­feit money must be avoided, par­ti­cu­lar­ly in the case of lar­ge retail chains with fre­quent­ly chan­ging, some­ti­mes low-skilled employees at the cash desk.

User ergonomics and interface design make a significant contribution to avoiding errors by the user.

ratiotec soldi smart sketch
ratiotec soldismart pro

The Sol­di Smart is very popu­lar becau­se the bank­no­te vali­da­tor is the only con­trol ele­ment that has an on/off but­ton.
The cashier sim­ply lea­ves the reli­able authen­ti­ci­ty check to the machi­ne. The result of the test is out­put via two clear­ly under­stand­a­ble, back­lit sym­bols. As addi­tio­nal secu­ri­ty, the bank­no­te is not retur­ned to the front when coun­ter­feit money is detec­ted, but remains on the back of the exami­ner.
In this way, it can be safe­ly avoided that employees accept coun­ter­feit money des­pi­te the red fla­shing warning sym­bol and alarm tone.