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As a brand, it is important to be remem­be­red by cus­to­mers.
Wir bei PROJEKTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGN wis­sen genau, wor­auf es bei der Gestal­tung von Pro­dukt­fa­mi­li­en ankommt.
Due to our many years of expe­ri­ence, we have exten­si­ve know­ledge of the con­cep­ti­on and crea­ti­on of cor­po­ra­te designs. We always take know­ledge from other design pro­jects with us and deve­lop it fur­ther, becau­se know-how and solu­ti­ons can often be adapt­ed and transferred.

We descri­be the­se two repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the Sil­ver­c­rest pro­duct ran­ge from the kit­chen and house­hold sec­tor as for­mal siblings.
Rela­ted basic shapes, details such as pha­ses and radii, colors and the uni­form use of the com­pa­ny logo are opti­cal fea­tures that both devices have in com­mon.
Admit­ted­ly, the func­tions of the devices are simi­lar and yet, as with any good pro­duct, the aes­the­tic refi­ne­ment is in the detail.
Simi­la­ri­ties and dif­fe­ren­ces are based on the func­tion and handling.

  • Pro­jekt: Elek­tri­sche Gemü­se­ras­pel und Fleischwolf
  • Kun­de: Kom­per­naß HgmbH
  • Leis­tun­gen: Pro­dukt­de­sign, Ergo­no­mie, CAD-Konstruktion, Visualisierung
  • Web­sei­te:
  • Jahr: 2014


Cla­ri­ty and balan­ce are the defi­ning ele­ments of the design lan­guage. The smooth sur­faces ensu­re opti­mal clea­ning, a neces­sa­ry fea­ture for all kit­chen appli­ances.
Sin­ce the devices have simi­lar func­tions, the func­tion­al ele­ments are arran­ged iden­ti­cal­ly. The food to be chop­ped is pla­ced in the top of the device, pro­ces­sed in the device and out­put to the front. Both devices offer space at the front for ves­sels to coll­ect the pro­ducts.
The but­tons to be ope­ra­ted are posi­tio­ned on the dark cover sur­faces of the device. They are cle­ar­ly iden­ti­fied by a dif­fe­rent color.
Both the gra­ter and the grin­der are powered by an elec­tric motor.
Both devices have sto­rage opti­ons for attach­ments and inserts.
They are posi­tio­ned on the back and rear of the device accor­ding to their shape and size.


In con­trast to the vege­ta­ble gra­ter, the meat grin­der is desi­gned for lon­ger, con­ti­nuous use. The type and posi­ti­on of the but­tons dif­fer accor­ding to the respec­ti­ve func­tion. The gra­ter has a lar­ge but­ton on the top of the device. The but­ton is acti­va­ted by touch, whe­re­as the lon­ger run­ning time of the meat grin­der makes an on/off switch indis­pensable.
The meat grin­der meets the hygie­nic requi­re­ments for hand­ling meat thanks to the mate­ri­al used. All com­pon­ents that come into direct cont­act with the raw food are made of metal parts. With the gra­ter, the use of ano­ther mate­ri­al can be dis­pen­sed with in favor of cost-optimized production.

Projekter industrial design Fleischwolf Corporate Design
Projekter industrial design Gemüseschneider Corporate Design

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