Graphics on wheels

Remarkably simple!

Bicy­cles of a clas­si­fi­ca­ti­on, such as gra­vel bikes, city bikes or racing bikes, usual­ly have a very simi­lar frame geo­me­try to each other.
The geo­me­try of the clas­sic so-called dia­mond frame is the most com­mon among gra­vel bikes. If the frames of all manu­fac­tu­r­ers of the same bicy­cle cate­go­ry were colo­red uni­form­ly and decals, such as e.g. If the brands do not have logos, it was dif­fi­cult to iden­ti­fy differences. 

Good product graphics create a high recognition value.

The best way to differentiate yourself!

In order to stand out from the crowd, the gra­phic frame design is of gre­at importance.
This includes the pain­ting, posi­tio­ning of the logo and crea­ti­on of gra­phic ele­ments that make the bike unmistakable.

Only the gra­phic pre­pa­ra­ti­on of a bicy­cle frame ensu­res that the vehic­le fits the cha­rac­ter of the user.
The­r­ein lies the chall­enge for the desi­gner.
The aim is to deve­lop a design that appeals to a broad mass of the tar­get group and, ide­al­ly, can be appli­ed to other models and color varia­ti­ons, so that an over­all pic­tu­re of the brand is created.

In tune with the times

We have been sup­port­ing our part­ner BIONICON sin­ce 2012 and regu­lar­ly deve­lop new designs and color com­bi­na­ti­ons that are based on cur­rent trends, but also set accents so that the brand stands out and impres­ses among many.

The aim is to plea­se, as per­ma­nent­ly as pos­si­ble and over and over again.

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