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The Euro­bike in Fried­richs­ha­fen is the lea­ding glo­bal tra­de fair for the bicy­cle industry.

More than 1400 inter­na­tio­nal exhi­bi­tors pre­sen­ted their inno­va­tions to approx. 60000 (pro­fes­sio­nal) visi­tors. From the visio­na­ry start-up to the mar­ket lea­der, ever­ything that makes a biker's heart beat fas­ter was represented.

Image: MSA Motor Sport Access­ories GmbH
Image: MSA Motor Sport Access­ories GmbH
Image: MSA Motor Sport Access­ories GmbH

Latest news

Bicy­cle frames from the 3D prin­ter, heavy-duty bikes, bicy­cle hel­mets with inte­gra­ted bra­ke lights and grills for the bicy­cle hand­le­bars were on dis­play as well as con­ven­tio­nal racing machi­nes powe­red by mus­cle power.

E-mobility and two-wheelers

Spe­cial atten­ti­on has been paid to e-bikes for several years.
The­se have beco­me indis­pensable in the bicy­cle mar­ket. Of the 75 mil­li­on Ger­man bicy­cles, 4.5 mil­li­on are moto­ri­zed. And with an incre­a­sing trend.

Whe­ther gears, navi­ga­ti­on, anti-theft device, dri­ve, ligh­t­ing: the bike is electrified.


PROJECTS Industrial Design and BIONICON

PROJEKTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGN has been working with the bicy­cle manu­fac­tu­rer BIONICON on the moto­riz­a­ti­on of e-mountain bikes sin­ce 2014. The inno­va­ti­ve E-Ram con­cept with a mid-engine and bat­te­ry back­pack gave the star­ting signal for a new mobi­li­ty age 5 years ago.

The BIONICON ENGINE is a power­ful, full-suspension trail/enduro bike that was desi­gned for tough moun­tain use.

We were invol­ved ear­ly on in the deve­lo­p­ment to give the ENGINE the necessa­ry expres­si­ve­ness gra­phi­cal­ly. The design fits seam­less­ly into the pro­duct ran­ge of the Bava­ri­an bike manu­fac­tu­rer and is up to date.

The gra­vel bike BIONICON BOGAN, which was pre­sen­ted for the first time at the Euro­bike 2019, is just as up-to-date. Here, too, PROJEKTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is respon­si­ble for the appearan­ce of the bicy­cle frame.

The aim of this still new type of bicy­cle is to pro­vi­de a racing bike with the genes of an all-terrain bike so that it can be used on nor­mal roads as well as unpa­ved paths. "It can be your fas­test moun­tain bike one moment and your robust asphalt racer the next" (quo­te: BIONICON).


PROJEKTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGN has been deeply roo­ted in the bike busi­ness for many years:

Pri­va­te as well as business:

Whe­ther Dut­ch fiets, racing bikes, endu­ro bikes or retro bikes: most employees are cyc­lists with a heart who con­stant­ly accelerate.



Companies such as BIONICON, Continental, BMZ, B-Labs and MSA already value working with PROJEKTER INDUSTRIAL DESIGN.

Let our pas­si­on for cycling con­vin­ce you too!

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