Projekter - Industriedesign und Produktentwicklung. Elektrowerkzeuge für den Wiederaufbau im Ahrtal

Power tools for reconstruction in the Ahr Valley

Donations for victims of the flood disaster of July 14, 2021

The flood dis­as­ter of July 14, 2021 brought uni­ma­gin­ab­le dest­ruc­tion to the Ahr Valley.

More than 1000 vol­un­te­ers are dri­ven into the val­ley every day ( to advan­ce the clean-up work with tireless com­mit­ment and to start the recon­struc­tion in small steps. Howe­ver, tools are always in short supply.

Pro­jek­ter Indus­tri­al Design, as a power tools design expert, has now ope­ned its wareh­ouse and, tog­e­ther with the Kom­per­naß com­pa­ny, made over 160 demo­li­ti­on ham­mers, ang­le grin­ders, saws and other power tools avail­ab­le in order to sup­ply the many hel­pers with tech­ni­cal equip­ment via local ope­ra­ti­ons centers.

We are hap­py to be able to help in times of need.